MEET The Speakers

Janina Fisher

Professor, Clinical psychologist, Lecturer and Therapist

Dan Siegel

Clinical professor of psychiatry and author

Deb Dana

Clinician, consultant, lecturer, Coordinator - Traumatic Stress Research Consortium, Kinsey Institute

Peter Levine

Lecturer, Author, Founder of Somatic Experiencing

Bessel van der Kolk

Psychiatrist, Author and Educator

Dr Kenneth V. Hardy

Professor, Author, Consultant

Richard Schwartz

Founder Internal Family Systems and The Center for Self Leadership

Patricia Gerbarg & Richard Brown

Breath-Body-Mind, researcher/trainer/author

Caroline Welch

Author, Speaker

Dr Laurence Heller

Founder, NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM)

Sue Carter

Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Director of the Brain/Body Center, University of Illinois at Chicago

Gabor Maté

Doctor, Lecturer, Author. Expert on Addictions and mind/body illnesses

Efu Nyaki

Professor, Speaker

Sebern Fisher

Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Angela Findlay

Artist, Writer, Speaker

Lisa Schwarz

Psychologist, Consultant, Educator

Stephen Porges

"Distinguished University Scientist"/Professor. Polyvagal Theory Neuroscientist

Elaine Miller-Karas

Author, Speaker

Kari Dunlop

Coach, Speaker

Jeffrey Mitchell

Clinical Professor of Emergency & Health Services

Judith Rees

Specialist Public Health Nurse, VIG Practitioner

Amanda McIntyre

CEO - The For Baby’s Sake Trust

Siobhan O’Neill

Professor, Speaker

Ros Townsend

Psychotherapist, trainer, author


Stephen Hughes

Trainer, Speaker

Vivian McKinnon

Therapeutic Practitioner, Trainer, international Public Speaker

Jade Irwin

VP - YMCA National Executive Committee

Women’s Aid

Sarah Mason / Sandra McNamee

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